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Wo steht was davon das sich das Abo automatisch verlängert? Ich könnte jetzt mit meinem Account die 50 Dollar zahlen, hatte aber das Abo schon letztes Jahr, heisst für mich jetzt abwarten und am Samstag gucken obs läuft?

Hier steht was dazu...

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Terms & Conditions

Annual Auto Renewal - Your subscription will automatically renew annually in conjunction with the start of the NHL regular season approximately the first week of October. To cancel your participation in the automatic renewal program please call Customer Service at 866-210-6349.


oder hier...

Fees and Payment

Automatic Renewal Policy. In connection with some subscription options described in the billing terms, the NHL Parties or their billing partners will automatically renew your subscription and charge your Pay Services accounts with a new subscription fee after providing notice to you of the impending automatic renewal and giving you an opportunity to opt out of such renewal. For example, NHL GameCenter LIVE automatically renews on an annual basis prior to the commencement of each new NHL season. A subscription to a Pay Service will not automatically renew in jurisdictions in which this practice is prohibited by applicable law. In connection with any subscription option that provides for automatic renewal, you will be notified by email that your subscription will be automatically renewed for the following subscription period at the full season price in effect for such renewal period (unless the NHL Parties notify you to the contrary) and at that time you will be given the opportunity to cancel your subscription by a prescribed deadline. If you do not cancel your subscription by the prescribed deadline then your subscription will automatically renew, and your credit or debit card on file will be charged.