23.7.2002 Cesar W. Lüthi verstorben
Cesar W. Lüthi verstorben Das langjährige IIHF-Mitglied Cesar W. Lüthi ist am Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2002, verstorben.

The long time partner of the International Ice Hockey Federation, Cesar W. Lüthi passed away early Thursday morning of 18 July 2002, in his home in Switzerland after a long and serious illness. Cesar W. Lüthi was 71 years old.

Cesar W. Lüthi was born on September 6. 1930 in Wohlen, Switzerland. His early employments included being a managing director of a company Gloria in the field of marketing and advertising. The very first time Cesar W. Lüthi was involved in board advertising business when supplying the advertising to the World Rowing Championship in Bled, Yugoslavia back in 1966. Six year later he founded his own company "Cesar W. Lüthi, Marketing and Sales Promotion" and rapidly pioneered the so-called rolling board advertising. A few years later CWL Telesport and Marketing AG was founded, and the inaugural contract with the IIHF was established in 1981 for the board advertising sales at the IIHF World Championship in Sweden in the same spring. The contract between CWL Telesport and Marketing AG and the IIHF was later extended to cover the television right sales as well. In 2000 Cesar W. Lüthi sold his company to KirchSport AG, the current rights holder of the IIHF World Championship television and advertising rights.

As an avid sport fan Cesar W. Lüthi soon became a familiar person in the international family of ice hockey. His contributions to the game of ice hockey was recognised by the IIHF when inducting him to the IIHF Hall of Fame in 1998. Dr. h.c. Cesar W. Lüthi was a recipient of the Olympic Order and an honorary member of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Cesar W. Lüthi is missed by his wife Eva and two daughters.
(press release from the International Ice Hockey Federation, IIHF)